Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Guns, girls, and weekends without wives

You know, I initially didn't care at all about the Dick Cheney shooting incident - just a piece of bad luck I assumed.

And it still doesn't compare in my estimation to the thousands who have been killed on both sides in Iraq, or the continuing asinine riots and killings over cartoons in the Islamic world (all in the name of God of course), or the deteriorating situation in Iran, or the deteriorating state of our own government.

But... now it looks like the VP's little misfire may show some sporting fun after all.

First we have the renunciation of the description of Cheney's outing as "hunting" by "real" Texas hunters.

Then we have the reports of various reports... all leading to our favorite topic: conspiracy to coverup.

Next we have reports of the 14 hour delay in reporting the accident, and Cheney's refusal to talk with law enforcement officers until the following day, stemming from the fact that he may in fact have been a bit tipsy out in the blind.

And lastly we now have reports coming in that the real kicker is that Cheney was on this little bird hunting excursion with a female "friend" (Pamela Willeford) who naturally wasn't his wife, and the Secret Service were trying to figure out how to get her out of the picture before anyone knew.

One thing's for sure. As with everything in this administration, things are most likely not as they appear.

They're probably worse...



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