Monday, January 30, 2006

Reaping what you sow

Per a Reuters report today:
"Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader in Gaza, urged foreign donors to continue to send money to the Palestinian Finance Ministry. Last year, the EU gave the Palestinian Authority 500 million euros ($615 million), funds vital for its survival."

My response to the honorable Mr. Haniyeh: Too freekin' bad.

Use whatever cliché you like. You reap what you sow and in the end you get what you deserve. Well, in this case you, Hamas, deserves nothing in the way of foreign aid.

Let this be a lesson to all groups, terrorist or otherwise, who use violence against civilians to "bring awareness" to their cause - you will never be acceptable to the world. And let it be a lesson to those who support these groups: put these people in power, and you lose too.

To prove that Hamas was ready to work with the world in a community of peace and global collaboration, Mr. Haniyeh's response to questions about Hamas's intentions to disarm was answered with a statement that the world instead needed to understand violence as part of the "Palestinian Reality."


The Reality is that Palestinian terror groups have created a culture of violence which now extends back at them. Again - you reap what you sow.

Yes Fatah could also have been called a terrorist group who then gained some level of international diplomacy. But after a decade of targeting women and children as their prey, Hamas deserves no such respect. And yes, Israel has made their serious mistakes too in their trigger-happiness. But is it any wonder that Israeli soldiers are on edge? They've been put there by Hamas. So don't now say Hamas's penchant for violence against civilians is somehow vindicated by the fact that Israelis fire back.

And the Palestinian people as a whole now need to understand, quickly and in no uncertain terms, that their decision to put this terrorist group in power is not, and will not ever be viewed as an acceptable one in the eyes of the world. Period. End of discussion.

And don't come begging the EU, the UN, or anyone else now for aid now. Open your eyes. Use your brains. Admit you made a mistake, correct it, and maybe we'll talk.

Otherwise... you're on your own.

And you have no one to blame for it but yourselves. You had a chance to make things better, and you consciously chose to pass that chance up. So stop crying about poor put-upon you. No one believes the tears any more.