Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ethics as usual

Another lovely day in the hallowed halls where "ethics have been returned."

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Somehow, we again turn a deaf ear as the White House breaks the law and threatens Republicans taking part in the Senate Judiciary Committee's investigation against President Bush for the administration's unauthorized wiretapping.

The White House has literally threatened any Republican member who votes against President Bush.

Since the Senate Judiciary Committee is the "court" hearing the case, and Senators are the "jurors", this is the equivalent of outright, and blatant, jury tampering.

It's utterly amazing... Are we not going to do anything about this?

By the People, For the People

And in another stunning display of disregard for the American populace, the education cuts in President Bush's 2007 Budget were called "scandalous" by Republican Senator Arlen Spector and his cuts in Medicare and Medicaid stunned Republican Senator Olympia Snowe.

In the meantime, the US Treasury claims that one of Bush's main priorities in the 2007 Budget - making the tax cuts to the wealthy permanent - will cost the US billions of dollars, at the expense of other programs. This for a budget that will extend the already out of control deficit.

So... on we trudge... showcasing ethics to the world.



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