Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Wishes

On this New Year's eve, I find it more important to look forward to 2007 than to reflect on 2006.

So, first things first: Happy New Year!

Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted. A lot has been changing, and life, with a family (especially during the Thanksgiving thru New Year season) can be busy to say the least.

Personally, the end of 2006 has seen me resign from my career of 15 years with a large well established software company to move in a new direction with a small private manufacturing company beginning in 2007. Less money, fewer benefits, less time off... but it looks like a great opportunity which I will enjoy every day. So 2006 is ending with some sadness (leaving a lot of old friends) while 2007 will start anew with anticipation and excitement. Truly a new perspective.

And now, with the new year coming, it's time to begin moving forward.

And with that said, I'll leave you some thoughts from my New Year's wishes I sent to my brothers - to whom I will always be the Little Brother. Enjoy!

To my brothers:

Ah 2007, Happy New Ye....... Shit! two-thousand and SEVEN! What the... Stop it, stop it!!!!

When the hell did this happen? What's going on? I fall asleep and now it's 2007? I have no business being this old, it's just downright irresponsible to expect that of me. Arrghhh!!!

Okay, mental note... tonight: freeze time, call Superman and have him spin the world backwards...wait, damn - Superman's dead! How could this happen?
Okay, mental note #2... tomorrow, cut back on the caffeine.

Enough of my early morning maniacal rantings. Happy New Year to both of you!
A new year always brings with it that sense of potential renewal - an annual rebirth of hopes, dreams and possibilities. This year more than many others in the recent past is truly new for me as I'm currently jobless, insurance-less, and penniless - and anticipating the beginning of many new things with a new career in 2007.

So, with a complete and untarnished new year of potential ahead of us, and expectations upon us that never diminish, I think it is only appropriate to take a moment to recite Shepard's Prayer:

"Please, dear God, don't let me fuck up."
(Alan Shepard - prior to launch, May 5, 1961)

And in that vein - I wish you all the best for 2007 - don't fuck it up!
Happy New Year! You have clean slate for the next twelve months. Go change your lives. Go change the world. Do great things.

And don't screw it up.