Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Blindness of Democrats and Ohio

And so our chances for hope begin to fade...

People really are stupid - especially Democrats. Yep, that about sums it up.

Instead of being wary about the massive record turnout of "Democratic primary voters" in Ohio (a Republican stronghold) which caused precincts to run out of Democratic ballots, the mind-numb blind rats that seem to be flocking to the Clinton campaign whoop and cheer that Ohio has mandated that Senator Hillary Clinton is still the dominant Democratic force destined to vie for the Presidency in November.

These same political lemmings chant the "as Ohio goes, so goes the Country" mantra, with nary a recollection that this is an OPEN PRIMARY election where there was no Republican race of note - meaning Republicans were free to jump ship and (unlike what the Clinton Corps wants us to believe) these crossovers aren't voting for Hillary because they want her to be President. Quite the contrary, they DON'T want Obama to be the nominee against John McCain.

The results of this primary have no basis in reality for a general election.

And now the downward slide that has begun recently will unfortunately continue. The Clinton campaign will continue down their unforgivable path of tearing down their fellow Democratic candidate with shady tactics normally reserved for your worst enemy. And we will end up going into an election in November with either a doomed nominee (in Hillary), or a weakened and battered nominee (in Obama). All thanks to the blind ambition of one Hillary Clinton.

And that's what it is. Blind ego and ambition. A sense that this is "hers" and she will do anything to get the nomination - even if it means ensuring that no other Democrat will win the Presidency if nominated along the way.

And all of the idiots out there watching these late primaries and thinking they are based in any reality are complicit in this attack on rational thought and the downfall of our political trust.

If this is what we've come to, then we really do deserve what we get. And it looks unfortunately like we had our brief moment - our glimpse of what we could be as a nation - and like the collective Alzhemiers patient we have now become, that brief and wonderful moment of reality has moved on.

I fear that today, we are witnessing the turning point that will usher in the Presidency of John McCain. We could have been so much more if only we were smart enough to see the truth.

Today I am saddened to be both a Democrat and an Ohioan.



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