Wednesday, November 09, 2005

When stupidity reigns supreme...

You know... you always read about stuff like this, but never think it's happening right in your own backyard...

But here it is, the wonderfully intelligent Loveland City Council voted yesterday not to dismiss it's legal case against "tax evader" Deborah Combs, and to continue pursuing $200 in late fees (and possibly $4000 in fines and up to 18 months in jail) for Ms. Combs.

Her crime? $1.16 in unpaid taxes.

Yes - you read that right. That's one dollar and sixteen cents.

The City of Loveland has spent thousands of dollars on attorney's fees prosecuting Ms. Combs, and she also has spent her share.

But at this point, stupidity reigns, because she's not allowed to pay the outstanding tax without also ponying up the $200 in late fees.

Give me a break.

All of these idiots on City Council should have been thrown out on their ears in yesterday's election. Unfortunately, they weren't.

In my opinion City Council should face criminal charges of misuse of public funds. Spending thousands on something worth $1.16 is abuse, plain and simple.

I hope they waste thousands more public dollars pursuing these ridiculous cases and the City faces financial strain because of it. That seems to be the only the public will take a step back and say "What idiots thought this was a good idea?"

In the business world these people would all be fired.

It should have happened here as well.



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