Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't complain if...

... you don't do anything about it.

Today is one of the greatest celebrations of freedom in the world: Election Day.

Unfortunately, in most non-presidential elections, 2/3 of the voting age population in the United States says, quite loudly, "I don't give a damn."

What an apathetic (and pathetic) reflection that is on our society. We like to debate about how divided our country is these days when in reality, the majority of the population are in unanamous agreement: they couldn't care less.

I'd love to continue writing about this, but I believe enough has been said already.

You either believe your right to vote is a precious gift - paid for you by the blood of our ancestors. Or, you think voting isn't worth your own precious time.

If you're the former, then you don't have time to read any more right now - you're on your way to vote.

If you're the latter, then I don't need to waste my own time entertaining you here.

Gotta go... time to vote.



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