Friday, September 30, 2005

The pot calling the kettle...

Not to be outdone today in the whining column, the Anti Defamation League has shown they are a contender for today's top spot.

The ADL, which like all organizations has its good days and its bad, on occasion appears to object simply to anything that threatens the premise that Judaism is the one true and right religion.

And so it is today, when the ADL has now proclaimed Christian evangelism towards Jews to be offensive.

First, let's review:
Evangelism; NOUN: Zealous preaching and dissemination of the gospel, as through missionary work.
Obviously the purpose of Christian evangelistic groups is to focus on evangelism and the drawing-in of new converts. In fact, evangelism is, and always has been, a core Christian religious belief and mission. Who were the first converts of Christian evangelists some 2000 years ago? I don't even need to answer that, do I.

Why is this all of the sudden bad? C'mon, be realistic - every religion believes it's the right one and that every other religion is false, or misinformed at best. Where is the "news" in this?

I guess to not offend the ADL, they would recommend that Christians must renounce their Christianity or that every religion should wake up and smell the coffee - and realize that Judaism is the right choice.

It seems the ADL is suggesting that the root tenets of Christianity, as well as other religions who evangelize, are offensive.

Hmmm.... now that sounds a bit defamatory to me.



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