Monday, July 10, 2006

Made in America

Listening to the radio this morning I heard something that just boiled my blood.

I happened to be tuned to a local Country station (don't ask) when a commercial came on that caught my attention because of it's patriotic music background. The voice track began and immediately started disparaging "imports" and then taking concerned listeners to task by asking:
Are you worried about the American Economy? Are you worried about Americans losing jobs?
Ah, another stupid political ad I thought... But unfortunately I would be wrong.

The voice-over continued:
Then stop buying imports and buy an American car - a car designed and built for Americans by Americans.
Excuse me? What did my new-found ignoramus just say? Be American - Don't buy imports?

What the hell is this, 1960?

I was of course already struck by the ignorance of this commercial when it then ventured off into I can't believe what I'm hearing territory, as it closed with something like this:
So be proud of what you drive - be an American, drive American.
Well, at least that's what my mind heard anyway - I have to admit that I was so stunned I didn't catch the actual last line, except the "Be proud" part.

As it turns out, the commercial was for a local auto-mall - you know the ones with several dealerships stuck together because they can't survive independently - and the voice-over turned out to be the owner of the auto mall.

I have to say I was sufficiently shocked and awed (although I doubt that was the intent). I stood in stunned amazement at the stupidity of this ad until I realized there are people who would hear this and say "Yeah, damnit - support America - buy an American car!" And they'd mean it.

And then I became yet again disappointed in this country and fearful of its future.

Here we are in 2006, in a global economy where most of the Toyotas, Hondas and Mazdas sold in the US are also made in the US - and where Toyota and Honda are huge contributors to the American Economy through the thousands of manufacturing, engineering, sales, service and support jobs they have brought to the US.

And you'd be hard pressed to tell which car - a Ford, GM, Toyota, or Honda - is actually more American-made.

And yet we have idiot people making idiot commercials to contribute to the mis-information mind-dumbing of other idiot people... and it pisses me off. And I bet they're all driving around with little flag stickers on their cars - proud to be a good American.

Well, if they're worried so much about the American economy maybe they should look at some real contributors to our economic problems, for example:
  • ridiculously low minimum and "living" wages

  • lack of affordable health care for workers

  • massive job outsourcing by our American companies

  • disproportionate and inaffordable tax cuts

  • uncontrollable record government spending

  • unnecessary "war" expenses costing billions

Nah... those wouldn't work well in a be fearful of the evil foreigners so buy our stuff ad campaign. Yep, you're either one of us or you're one of them.

Well, at least there is one thing this whole ordeal reminded me of: I am proud of what I drive.

And it's a Honda Accord.



At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A "buy American" ad on a "Country" radio station, what a shock!


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