Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ad nauseum

Hmmm... so it's been a month since my last post. A lot longer than that if you talk about "consistent" posting.

But I've felt a little under the weather...

Although not much seems to have changed in the mainstream world. And that's part of the problem.

Snips of Reality was never meant to be a daily political blog. But wow, was it ever easy to get sucked right in... The whole concept of Snips was to frequently look at things that seemed outlandishly humorous or disturbing and try to bring a little "reality" to the table.

The current state of our Union unfortunately has become just such an outlandish state of circumstances. But, it's getting harder and harder to bring reality to it. People still really believe that Iraq was behind 9/11, that we found Weapons of Mass Destruction and that the President has told the truth about everything. We're not talking about a nation of apathetic citizens who say "whatever" here - we're talking about people who say "You go GW!" It's utterly mind boggling.

And so... for many weeks my mind has indeed been boggled.

I have decided to let those eloquent political bloggers out there, such as our friends at The Hue and Cry espouse the daily mantra. Snips will instead make a return to topics that may be a bit off the beaten path.

Yes, I know... this post is a blog about a blog. A blog about how banging my head against a wall actually started to hurt. How screaming at the top of my lungs with no one listening did nothing but give me a sore throat. How expecting people to wake up and see the reality of what's happening is no more about to happen than for a daydream to come true.

That has been my reality. And it's made me ill.

Not physically or mentally, but intellectually ill. It has made me question my friends, my family, my faith, my Country and humanity as a whole. Are people really closed minded to the point that they don't even listen anymore? They don't even consider anything but their own personal niche of a viewpoint? Are people really this... this... Oh hell, I can't even say it.

Yep, I guess they are.

My feeling of nauseu runs to my soul. If there were ever a case for medical marijuana, this is it...

Life is short. Too short to waste it trying to explain the universe to someone who has no intention of "getting it" - someone who doesn't even try.

So, it's on to other topics of interest than world politics. Not that I'll never comment again... just don't expect daily updates on the White House here...

Whew... glad to get that out.

Thanks for the therapy. I think I'm feeling a little better already...



At 10:18 AM, Blogger Bob P said...

While I understand completely your feelings of frustration and hopelessness, I hate to see you throw in the towel. I, too, want to curl into a figurative ball - or better still, raise an angry middle finger to the stubbornly unconvinced - but, as hard as it may be, we can't give in to "Bush Fatigue."

Even if you merely sway the opinion of one person out there, that one changed view is important to righting the nation. One by one by one, little by little, there's still hope of turning things around.

Your voice is still important to that cause. So dink plenty of fluids, take two aspirin, and call the Bush Administration on its crimes in the morning!


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