Saturday, December 17, 2005

Opening the door to impeachement

Haven't had a lot of time to write recently, but I feel compelled to have a brief venting today.

Today President Bush admitted to authorizing illegal wiretapping.

Yes, he admitted to criminal acts while in office.

Correct me here if I've missed something... but isn't that an impeachable offense? I mean, wasn't that the basis for Watergate? (Yes, that's a rhetorical question).

Where is our Democratic leadership?

Let's go... get rolling... this is the foot in the door to stop this Administration in its tracks! Let's get the impeachment process started.

I know that with the current makeup of Congress it won't go anywhere - but let's get serious, something has to be formally done by Congress to tell the world we know this is wrong.

We're not talking about sex in the oval office, here - we're talking about a flat out disregard for US law, an abuse of power, and a violation of the Constitution.
C'mon people, this is tragic and needs to be addressed to the full extent possible. If we let this slide, then we all, as Americans, have given up. And it's not the America I grew up in - where no one is above the law, and the words "We the People" were more than a quaint old ideology.

This is a dark day for the US, our government and the Presidency.

We live in a Democracy, not a monarchy. And it's time this administration found that out.

We cannot allow this crime to be acceptable. Our future as a nation of free citizens depends on it.



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