Friday, December 23, 2005

Bah Humbug

This just in from our friends in the UK.

Is it any wonder why kids are growing up with a messed up sense of reality these days?

The problem is not growing up *with* the competition and the scariness, the problem is a childhood devoid of these realities of life.

It's a society where young adults have never had to learn to cope with loss, fear or adversity - and thereby have never learned how to be gracious losers, or strong of character.

Guess what kiddies, we are not all the same. Not everyone is an athlete. Not everyone should go to college. Not everyone can be a doctor, or lawyer, or engineer or artist. Not everyone can be a winner and there are people who are better at things than you are. The world is a big place and it doesn't revolve around you.

Instead kids are now taught that it's all "about me". "I" have to get everything everyone else has. "I" have be the winner (because we're all winners). Skill and talent and hard work mean nothing because in the end we're all owed the same thing.

I, I, I...

What a great Christmas lesson to teach...



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