Friday, September 02, 2005

Our national disgrace

Today, it is difficult to be in a moderate mood...

Katrina -60hr
The National Hurricane Center warns that Katrina is expected to reach dangerous Category 4 intensity before making landfall in Mississippi or Louisiana. Hours later, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco declare states of emergency.

Katrina -48hr
Expected hurricane upgraded to Category 3 as it approaches coast. Residents of Louisiana's low-lying areas are told they must evacuate.

Katrina -24hr
Katrina upgraded to Category 5. New Orleans and southern Mississippi call for mandatory evacuations. More than 1 million people flee. 10,000 moved to Superdome.

Katrina +0hr
Katrina strikes New Orleans, Biloxi and Gulfport with epic force. Massive devestation and damage.

Day 1: Katrina +24hr
Rising flood waters cause breech of New Orleans levees. City quickly submerges as waters continue to rise. Officials call for evacuation of remaining citizens (100,000+) and move many temporarily to Convention Center and more to Superdome.

Day 2: Katrina +48hr
Waters continue to rise. Mass looting begins, mostly for water and food. Evacuees wait without water, electricity, food, medical care or sanitation for promised aid.

Day 3: Katrina +72hr
Waters stabilize. Hospitals plea for help and get none. Evacuees continue to wait without water, electricity, food, medical care or sanitation for promised aid. Deaths climb higher due to dehydration and heat. Cameramen and reporters can get to evacuees, why can't rescue and aid workers with water and food? National FEMA Director brags about great mobilization in progress while CNBC broadcasts images of citizens dying in front of the camera and bodies being stacked whereever they can - while no aid has yet been delivered.

Day 4: Katrina +96hr
More deaths, little aid. National Guard arrives. Did they bring water and food? No organization. No leadership. Regional FEMA Director calls the relief effort "A Disgrace." Past-Regional FEMA Director agrees.

Everyone agrees.

Evacuees continue to wait for promised aid.

News reports show the dead, dying, starving and dehydrated.

More people die.

Politicians congratulate each other on their great efforts.

More people die.

Still no aid - no timeline or end in sight.

More people die.

Does anyone care?

What a disgrace... Our National Disaster.



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